Employment Mediation
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Employment Mediation

Employment MBIE Mediation is the primary problem solving mechanism under the Employment Relations Act 2000. Parties to an employment relationship problem often must attempt mediation.

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MBIE Mediation Services facilitate mediation where parties to an employment relationship problem sit down with their representatives and an experienced mediator. Each party is given an opportunity to speak uninterupted and to set out their case. Following challenges and questions by either party, the mediator will help assist parties to move towards resolution of the issues between them, which also includes a risk analysis with each party seperately.

  • If you can settle your employment problem, it is settled quickly and confidentially, saving further time and costs.
  • You and the other party have control over the terms of the agreement that you reach at mediation. Therefore your terms of agreement can be flexible and things like references, reimbursement of expenses, apologies and things that the Employment Relations Authority cannot order can be achieved.
  • At mediation you will have your last opportunity to get things “off your chest”. Our clients often feel a strong sense of relief from the expression of emotions during mediation.
  • If you do not settle your employment problem, mediation has been an informal testing ground for the case and will help in preparation for an Employment Relations Authority investigation meeting.

Record of Settlement

Employment Mediation Employment Mediation

Where an employee has a personal grievance for unfair dismissal, unjustified disadvantage or any other claim, the parties are required to attend an employment mediation. Whether an employment dispute is resolved before or at mediation both the employer and employee must be able to sign the record of settlement agreement. We describe methods of how signing can be achieved remotely. Continue reading