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We represent employers and employees in employment disputes in New Zealand. All employees have rights under the Employment Relations Act 2000. It is the object of the writer to discuss common and relevant issues in New Zealand employment law.

150A Payment on resolution of problem and Advocates' GST Invoices are lawful

No Win No Fee No Win No Fee Employment Lawyers Employment Lawyers Employer Help Employer Help

Parties can agree that an advocate is paid directly by the employer in terms of an s 149 record of settlement. "Payment" excludes legal or advocacy services where such service is a separate term of the settlement and a GST invoice for a defined sum is provided to the other party. Continue reading

Last Updated: March 4, 2023 0800 WIN KIWI

How No Win No Fee Works

No Win No Fee No Win No Fee

"No Win, No Fee" describes an arrangement where an advocate takes on a case for a client and the client is charged upon a successful result being achieved. Cases are settled or taken further on a case by case basis with regard to the merits of the case. Continue reading

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Record of Settlement

Employment Mediation Employment Mediation

Where an employee has a personal grievance for unfair dismissal, unjustified disadvantage or any other claim, the parties are required to attend an employment mediation. Whether an employment dispute is resolved before or at mediation both the employer and employee must be able to sign the record of settlement agreement. We describe methods of how signing can be achieved remotely. Continue reading

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PSPLA Workplace Investigation

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The New Zealand employment law scene still suffers with its unlicenced employment investigators. Many untrained workplace investigators who front themselves primarily as Human Resources consultants are holding themselves out as being investigator to the employer in employment investigations where they receive valuable consideration for doing so. A recent Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority (PSPLA) decision has confirmed the restriction on this practice where the investigator does not hold a licence. Continue reading

Last Updated: July 24, 2021 0800 WIN KIWI

No Jab No Job

Unfair Dismissal Unfair Dismissal Covid 19 Covid 19

Employees holding positions that require vaccination and refuse to get vaccinated will end up being dismissed from their employment. Procedural fairness and substantive justification still applies. Unjustified disadvantage personal grievances. Minimum wage entitlement issues during Covid-19 lockdown. Continue reading

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