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Employee IRD Records for unfair dismissal case. myIR Account Login is required to obtain IRD records for quantifying unfair dismissl claims.

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Why we may need your IRD Records from myIR

Unfair Dismissal Case Review Form

Often we get cases where there are claims involving wage arrears and holiday pay owing. Cases involving unjustified dismissal or unjustified disadvantage where lost gross wages and holiday pay are being claimed will also require our employee client to obtain their IRD records from their former employer and subsequent employer to assist us in quantifying the amount claimed in remedy of their personal grievance.

We need to have a full picture on what Gross wages have been paid by an employer to our client employee so that we can make calculations in a more precise manner and we need to check what has been officially submitted to the Inland Revenue (IRD) by the employer.

Another example we commonly require IRD Records for is when we challenge a 90 Day Trial Period dismissal where an employee has previously worked for the employer and the IRD Records demonstrate previous wages paid to the employee before the trial period was entered into.

If you have been dismissed unfairly or you believe you are owed wage arrears and/or holiday pay, please fill out our Case Review Form.

Case Review Form

myIR Login

You will need to go to your MyIR or My IRD. Go to and click on myIR Login.

  1. Log into the IRD website.

  2. Click your name.

    IRD records account
  3. Click on the More button on the right-hand side of the Income tax.

    Income tax
  4. Type Income Details in the filter box or search the list for it and then click on Print Income Details.

    Income details
  5. Alter the date range to be 1 month before the start of the range that is needed.

  6. Click on Print Income Details.

    Print Income details
  7. Select the periods and click Print Income Details.

  8. Then myIR will prepare a .PDF file for you with a breakdown of employers that paid you income.