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No Win No Fee For Employers

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There are a lot of employers who think that "No Win, No Fee" is an arrangement available to their business in defending a personal grievance or other claims.

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"No Win, No Fee" Lawyers and Advocates for Employers

There is no such thing

The writer is often contacted by employers that are looking for a "no win, no fee" advocate or lawyer to defend a personal grievance or monetary claim by an employee or former employee against their company.

There are no employment lawyers or employment advocates that will offer a "no win, no fee" arrangement to employers. "No win, no fee" does not work for employers. The reason is simple. The "win" in defending a personal grievance or monetary claim for an employer is where the outcome is that the employer pays little to no money to the claimant employee. The employer is not awarded anything to charge a percentage on.

If there was a "no win, no fee" arrangement for an employer, then we would make sure that the fee would be very large. In which case, there would be no point in the employer defending the case, they may as well pay the employee a settlement in the first place.

We offer representation to employers on an hourly rate basis and we use our time efficiently

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